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Dissim Launches Hammer Lighter | halfwheel

Dissim has added a third lighter model, this time a soft flame lighter that looks like a handgun.

The Dissim Hammer is a soft-flame lighter that is ignited by pulling down a bottom on the back that mimics the hammer of a handgun. It measures 3.54 inches x 3.74 x .98. To keep with the handgun appearance, the flame comes out of a barrel, the handle has a textured grip, and the top of the lighter has features that look like sights. Dissim also has included a functional safety that is similar to one found on a gun. In the back of the handle, there are two-fold out pipe tools.

Pricing is set at $68 and the lighter is currently offered in three finishes: blue, gunmetal, and silver.

Dissim launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 for its original lighter, a soft flame lighter that is designed to be used with the flame ignited pointing up or pointing down. This design is ideal for both traditional pipe smoking as well as cannabis. It then followed up with a model that uses the same body as the original but replaces the soft flame with two angled torch flames.

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