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CSWC publishes the Top 20 of all time

The 2021 season of the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) is now officially over. After another year of pandemic and new lockdowns, it was still a fantastic season. It started late with the first qualifying round in July 2021. There were a total of 44 competitions, including regional qualifying rounds, national qualifying tournaments and finally the grand final. Overall, it was the 11th season of the CSWC.

“The world rankings with the top 20 results of all time is always a highlight of the CSWC season and celebrates the great achievements of many wonderful people”, says CSWC founder Marko Bilić.

blankIn these 11 years, more than ten thousand people from 52 countries took part in the CSWC concept. The world rankings 2021 was compiled from eleven years of CSWC history with the inclusion of all participants from all nations. In more than a decade of CSWC, amazing, even spectacular, competitions have taken place. There were great moments, tense scenes, many broken records and some unimaginable smoking times with the respective competition cigar, a Mareva format.

The 2021 season brought significant changes to the global rankings. The CSWC world is completely different today, with Sweden dominating. Sweden holds both the title of world champion and world record holder. Poland has absolute dominance among women – world record holder Agata Piotrowska remained unbeaten and Kristina Ide, also from Poland, is the reigning women’s world champion. Elena Tronina, the 2019 women’s world champion, is also among the top 20 in the world rankings. Poland has now held women’s world championships for two years in a row.

The United States maintains its solid position across countries, with one of CSWC’s greatest icons, Darren Cioffi, remaining in second place in the top 20. The USA occupies three of the top 20 places. In terms of the number of top 20 results, however, Russia leads with six places, led by Oleg Pedan (3rd). Poland has made up a few places and occupies now five places in the top 20 list behind Russia. Tom Zol as the best Polish smoker is in fifth place. Sweden occupies three places on the list. Germany, Austria, Norway and Lebanon have a place each.

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