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crazy wire | Vaping Underground Forums

Here is the pics with no links for reference.
I deleted the bullshit photo link ones.

View attachment 186655

View attachment 186656

Yea, @gsm4sirt , What the fuck is going on here?
If you are going to post pics try NOT using hotlinks to sites with Trojans.
Just crop the pic and then put it up.
I just did it by cropping your pics that lead to Trojans above.
My “higher education” is a “High School diploma”.
So I’m sure you can figure this out too.

Here’s where your photo’s lead to when clicked.

View attachment 186657

Then what happens when you click on one of the pics:
View attachment 186658

This could have been a mistake.

@gsm4sirt We will be watching for future and past mistakes.
No Hotlinks!
Read the rules.

Crazy Wire leads to a Trojan so I would never buy or use this wire.
If they can’t sell their product without fucking up someone’s computer or phone then their wire obviously suck’s.
Thank you for helping me get a shady ass company on to my blacklist
Also Thank you for getting yourself on our list.
We are always watching now.

@gsm4sirt it would be nice to see a reply is how this happened.

Thank you @CrazyChef v2.0

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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