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Cracking the Boba’s riddle. | Vaping Underground Forums

Oh, goody! Here we go. I’ve got tons of notes from the 1,200 or so posts on the darkside when folks were trying to crack this (and perps are still doing so; haven’t been back to see).

Your efforts and contribution are appreciated, FrostyMtl! Your reference to “spoiled Raisin Bran” was a new on to me, Cramptholomew.

If it’s of any assistance, Ben (who called himself ‘Porphy’ on the forum) came up with this tasty liquid in 2009. Logical thinking follows that the flavors must have been available at that time, hence those released later couldn’t be in the original formula.

Ben stated, “I’ve heard a LOT of feedback about this flavor and what I can tell you is that it is different to different people. I know the 5 basic ingredients to this liquid and I can assure you nobody has come close to guessing them.

“I take every possible precaution to make my juices as user friendly as possible. With Boba’s at 40% flavoring already there isn’t much to bump. There comes a point with flavor concentrates when too much can be bad thing and falls between a narrow percentage point with juices. The best advice that I have is that there are a multitude of factors that lend themselves to the vaping experience and less than half are juice related while a goodly portion of the rest can still effect what/how you taste a juice.

“Roses are #FF0000
Violets are #0000FF
All My Base
Are Belong To You

What a card, eh? He also stated there are no NET tobaccos in Boba’s.

If it’s of any further interest, the most popular Boba’s tribute (out of eight recipes) in a 2012 taste test was as follows:

Boba’s Clone #7
Black and Mile Plus 40.0%
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl 20.0%
LOR Almond oil 20.0%included
CAP Coconut 7.1%
CAP Graham Cracker 7.1%
Vinegar 5.8%

I’m on the trail as well. If you’d like a copy of all the notes from the posts to which I referred above, you are most welcome to them. None of us knows more than all of us!

Perhaps you can help me; what the heck is “Pure (HS)?”

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