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China’s new Vapeflask | E-Cigarette Forum

I’ve been fascinated with the evolution and de-evolution of the VaporFlask over the years. From the original US design, to the latest 3FVape release, I have five totally different versions. One issue that all companies have struggled with is how to get all of those electronics and wires into a small tubular space. The original flask had a “sled” of sorts that truly was a crazy setup. That said, it worked and was semi repairable. When the clones started arriving, they tried their hand at the sled design and some much cheaper casings. There were versions where the entire side popped off, giving access to the batteries et al…

In the quest to make the Vaporflask cheaper, the latest iteration is (in my opinion) an attempt to seem like the original design – but the result is a truly dangerous device. The main issues are:

– The boards and cables are wrapped in kapton tape and literally jammed into the small cylindrical space. Unprotected button solder points, buttons that are glued in place, a screen that is soldered instead of socketed, non-spring loaded 510, loose metal kerf, poor thread machining… and the capper: a dab of cheap electrical tape as an insulator of the positive battery connector.

This thing looks like a vapor flask, but the quality is more akin to the version (3?) clones that were really, really cheap.

There are some cool ideas in it, for instance they have a small plastic “holder” that puts the USB port right where it needs to be. But then it’s hot glued into place.

While it’s not the worst clone I’ve seen, it’s the most dangerous due to the corners they cut in manufacturing. Take care and do NOT attempt to repair this device. It’s truly disposable.

Images attached. If anyone out there has disassembled various versions of this device, it’s an amazing testament to how a difficult design is dealt with, to cut costs.



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