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Can you freeze nicotine? | E-Cigarette Forum

@YoursTruli, @zoiDman, @UncleJunkle, Thanks a bunch. Now for the research to find “the one“.

Before I forget, nice to meet you @UncleJunkle, and thank you very much for the list, you might also add (if you want) also went out of business a few years ago to my dismay, as it was my first and Favorite Nic that got me into mixing my own juice back in 2015 sometime. Then, when I found out ECX went Belly-Up, I bought a liter of MFS and found it very pleasant (Not as good as ECX Nic to MY taste buds, but still very good). So I have that liter in the Fridge right now.

Now for you two Dave and Kat. There seems to be absolutely no chance of hope for you two whatsoever. Encourageables (spelling ??) is all I can say about ya’ll. I should report both of you to the “No Hope Division” under section 23.112.215 of the U.S. Penal Code which is attached to the “Agency to protect against Hi-Jinx running Threads a-muck and Slap-Stick Tom-Foolery”. :lol:

Damn, after all that thinking and researching to find that section, I’m Tired. I knew it was there, as there is a law about everything now-a-days it seems.;) Good to hear from you two Good, Good Friends. I might go to our usual place to converse, but Saturday seems more likely. That good for ya’ll ??:thumbs:


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