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Can I vape in the same house with a pregnant woman? | Vaping Underground Forums

Here’s yet another link with good info:

In this article, the author concluded: “Does that necessarily mean that vapers should feel free to vape everywhere without regard to the wishes of others? No!”
While I certainly agree with that stance, IMO it should nevertheless also be noted that a lot of people who are not smokers nor are vapers do not necessarily always respect the wishes of others either. Google for scented products health or fragranced products health if you don’t know what I am referring to. Add the fact that there also exist a lot of people who, like me, are HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). And, no, being HSP is not the same as being oversensitive, or thin-skinned─which I can prove. But, even though I can prove it, there are still those who simply don’t give a shit, as stinking up the whole sushi bar with an overdose of atrocious deodorant has not legally been banned in my country. That is, very unlike vaping inside a vape shop. This all led me to believe that to find some real respect these days go gotta move to a place called Mars.


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