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Can i vape 0.1ohm (coil) at 177w with 2x 18650 30a batteries? using Voopoo Drag 3

Hi Rytis. Welcome to the ECF.

If you are using a Regulated Mod, the Ohms of your build plays No Part in the Amps a Battery(s) must provide. It’s the Watts that matter.

177 Watts would require about 32 Amps for Each Battery when the batteries are at their Low Voltage Cut-Off (~3.2 Volts).

Here’s a Basic Battery Amp Calculator.

Battery Amp Draw / Drain Calculator – Vaping Hardware

So No, I Wouldn’t consider this to be advisable even with New Quality 18650 Batteries that are Rated at a 30 Amps Continuous Rate (CDR). And Not something I would consider ever doing with a pair of Batteries that have a Questionable 30A CDR.


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