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Caliburn cartridge use | Vaping Underground Forums

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I don’t own a Caliburn- but do not let the pod get completely empty- it will burn out the coil, which sounds like what happened to yours, the liquid shouldn’t be black, you need to change out that pod, must taste terrible- yes you fill will your own eliquid- Using other flavor liquid might taste funny in that burned out pod- you could use the other unused pod for a different flavor. You should just keep to one flavor in one pod and use another for a different flavor.
You should be buying more pods with coils to keep on hand- these usually burn out in a few weeks and need to switch them out for a new one.
I am putting a video from a reviewer on You Tube( there are many videos on You Tube) on the Caliburn and hope it helps explain how to use and take care of it.


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