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Buy Habitrol Lozenge 1mg Mint – Quit Smoking Aid


Taking Habitrol Lozenges is a form of NRT and an effective quit smoking aid. These lozenges are designed to help you kick the smoking habit without the nasty tars, toxins and other chemicals in smoke. Habitrol Lozenges will help you to quit smoking and resist the urge to smoke by relieving the cravings and helping you to manage the withdrawal symptoms – anytime, anywhere. Plus they have a great tasting mint flavor and are sugar-free. 

If you find that you like to keep your mouth busy now that you are no longer smoking, you may like the lozenge for the sucking action.

The mint-flavored lozenge takes about 20 minutes to dissolve and helps you to quit smoking comfortably by relieving the unpleasant symptoms linked with withdrawal symptoms and side effects such as headaches, anxiety and mood swings.

The strength of the NRT lozenge you use will depend on what works for you. Generally, it is recommended that if you are a highly dependent smoker and smoking more than 20 cigarettes per day, that you start on the 2mg lozenge. If you have tried to quit smoking using the 1mg lozenge, and have failed, then try again on the 2mg lozenge. Otherwise, if you smoke less than 20 cigarettes per day, it is recommended you use the 1mg lozenge.

Combination Therapy with Habitrol Lozenge

If you are struggling to quit smoking and have previously relapsed on just one NRT product.  Combination therapy could be beneficial.  If you experience ‘break-through’ cravings or have difficulty controlling cravings using one form of NRT along – you may want to use a combination of a Habitrol Patch, along with either Habitrol  Gum 2mg or Habitrol Lozenge 1mg.  (It is not recommended to use either the Habitrol Gum 4mg or Habitrol Lozenge 2mg in combination with Habitrol Patches).

If you are wearing a Habitrol Patch and wish to use either the gum or the lozenge, it is recommended that you use between 4-12 pieces a day.  But do not exceed 12 pieces per day.

You may want to gradually reduce the strength of the Habitrol Patch over the suggested period, and also work to reduce the amount of the gum/lozenge you use each day, making sure you manage your cravings as necessary.

Please Note: All NRT products have a limit to the amount you should use in a day as an effective quit smoking aid. For the Habitrol lozenge, do not exceed 25 lozenges a day on the 1mg, or 15 lozenges a day on the 2mg.

Quit Smoking Blogs

If you are new to quitting smoking or need more support in your journey, please read our informative quit smoking blogs designed to help you stay on track:

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