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Best Vaping Box Mods for 2020

Aside from being larger in size and firing ability, box mods also have a more advanced chipset. Most smaller kits will have what’s called bypass firing which is where the wattage is a maximum of say 20 watts, which gradually drops as the battery drains. Box mod chipsets not only keep wattage at a constant level, they also let you control just how much wattage you’re using. Aside from that, they have things like coil recognition too. What this does is automatically detects the resistance level of your coil and adjusts the wattage to the optimal level for that specific coil. This means you’re going to get a better vaping experience as well as avoiding accidentally firing it too high and burning your coil out in the first few puffs.

Advanced chipsets also have different firing modes other than just variable wattage. Many of them include Bypass mode – so if you like having a vape that gradually drops power as your battery drains, you can still vape that way too. There’s also often something called temperature control, where you can select how warm or cool you want your coil to be. This can help reduce the strain on your coil by preventing them from getting too hot, in turn making them last longer. It also often enables you to vape at even lower resistance levels than you’d otherwise be able to in variable wattage mode. Temperature control will often have a support function for different types of coil material. So, if you’re into building your own coils, there’s often a specific setting for stainless steel, nickel, kanthal and titanium.

All in, box mods give you more options, more versatility and more power. They’re an ideal option for advanced vapers who want to refine their settings as well as vape with much more power without having to recharge too often.

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