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Best Disposable Vapes 2021 – blog

A disposable vape offers the easiest, hassle free vaping experience. No settings to worry about, no vape juice levels to monitor, no battery charging just put in your mouth and vape. Possibly the easiest way to transition from smoking to vaping disposable vape, an excellent way to learn to enjoy vaping.

Which are the best disposable vapes?

We’ve got our experts and our customers to tell us their favourite disposable vapes so you can easily find exactly what you need. Each disposable has been rated on battery size, juice capacity, clouds, size of the device and the taste. Obviously when you buy a disposable you have a number of flavor options to choose from. When we rate taste we will referencing the amount of flavor. Each is scored out of 5 with 5 being the best score. Note that a size score of 5 means small and portable, 1 would be bulky and difficult to transport.

Best Disposable Vape - Vaptio Beco Mesh

Best Disposable Vape - Vaptio Beco Mesh Rating

At the other end of the scale this beast provides upto 2200 puffs. The 1000mAh battery and 5.5mL vape juice capacity make the Vaptio Beco Mesh the perfect disposable when you don’t want to run out of juice when out and about. Just because it’s disposable doesn’t mean it has to look bad, finished off with a striking high gloss finish you are sure to get admiring glances from other vapers. Although there aren’t many flavors to choose from, each one will have you coming back for more. New into our vape shop, make sure you order a few flavors before we sell out!

Best Disposable Vape - Pachamama

How can you be sure that you are going to like the flavor? Well Pachamama makes some of the most loved vape juice flavors in the world. They’ve packaged up their popular flavours in a disposable so that you don’t have to worry about charging or refilling, just the perfect Pachamama vape with every puff. Each comes filled with 4mL of 50mg nic salt and you can expect to get around 1200 puffs before you need to replace. Buy a Pachamama disposable vape and find out what all the fuss is about.

Best Disposable Vape - Pachamama

Best Disposable Vapes - White Cloud Original Fling Ratings

We couldn’t have a best disposable list without the White Cloud Fling Original. Shaped like a traditional cigarette the Original Fling is disposable pod vapes that is perfect to transition to from smoking. Coming in packs of 10 each contains 1mL of salt nicotine vape juice.

There are 6 tasty flavors to try out and you’ll no doubt want to try a few different ones.

And you don’t have to just take our word for it, visit our White Cloud Fling Original product page and check out all the excellent reviews.

Best Disposable Vape - Vaptio Beco XL

Best Disposable Vape - Vaptio Beco XL Ratings

Don’t let the name confuse you, the Beco XL does not have as many puffs or as big a battery as the Vaptio Beco Mesh. That doesn’t mean it’s not as good. With the Beco XL you get approximately 550 puffs from the 2mL of 50mg Nic Salt. It’s smaller and lighter so if you have found a flavor you liked with the Beco Mesh you can get it in a smaller, more compact form.

Best Disposable Vape - Switch ModsBest Disposable Vape - Switch Mods Ratings

The Switch Mods disposable vape is filled with 5% (or 50mg) nic salt which provides a super satisfying vaping experience. Roughly 300 puffs per pen and a selection of super tasty flavors to choose from a Switch Mods disposable is the perfect start for your vaping journey. Buy a couple of different flavors to find out which is your favorite or check out the entire range. One of the beautiful things about disposables is that each disposable will have a range of flavors to choose from. A very light and compact vape Switch Mods is one of the most popular disposables in our online vape shop. Find out why.

Why create a list of the best disposable vapes?

A list of the best disposable vapes is a useful list for everyone. Wannabe vapers, new vapers or experienced vapers can all benefit from a list collated by not only experts but also by consumers. That is why we not only used our vaping experts we’ve sifted through all the reviews on our online shop to get the most balanced opinion on disposables possible.



Why use a disposable vape?

There are many reasons why you might want to purchase a disposable. Many disposable vapers first pick one up at a convenience store or gas station. Disposables in these locations can often be inferior to those you can buy in specialist vape stores. However for many people this is just the beginning of their journey into vaping. Disposables offer the easiest vaping experience. There is nothing complicated, just pick one up and start vaping.

If you already have a pod system, vape pen or even a box mod kit having a disposable as a backup device can be extremely useful. With their relatively low cost you can buy a few and stash them in handy locations. A backup in the car, at work or at home. If your main device needs charging or you run out of supplies, having a disposable to hand can be a life saver.

What is the best disposable vape to buy?

We got the experts to pick their favorites. Depending on your requirements there are many different disposable vapes to choose from. We’ve created some quick stats to help you find the best disposable vape faster.

How many puffs are in a disposable vape?

This very much depends. Disposables normally state how many puffs you are likely to get. These range from around a 100 in the smaller cheaper disposables up to 2200 puffs in the Vaptio Beco Mesh Disposable.

What are the downsides to having a disposable vape?

The environmental impact of disposables is not ideal, especially if you are concerned about climate change. Not only are you buying something simply to dispose of it but the battery contains heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Even if disposed of correctly and recycled the process is energy intensive. More energy efficient methods of vaping would be to use a pod system or vape pen with perishable and replaceable parts like coils and vape juice. Pod systems and vape pens do require some maintenance (filling, changing parts, charging etc) but are much more cost effective than disposables. Replacing coils and vape juice is much cheaper than buying a new device each time.

How to best use a disposable vape

  • Don’t attempt to open or manually refill your disposable, you could potentially break it or cause it to fire automatically.
  • Make sure you dispose the device a safe and responsible manner. recommends visiting You can also drop off your old batteries for free at thousands of convenient locations across the U.S, including Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Staples.
  • Once the flavor production has dropped off stop using the device and dispose of it safely and responsively.
  • While puff counts are provided these are guides as to how many you may expect. People vape differently so the experience changes from person to person depending on how long they puff for.
  • Make sure your disposable vape isn’t exposed to extreme temperatures. This could cause it to malfunction.
  • Always make sure to read the manufacturers guide on how to correctly use and store your disposable vape, for your own safety.

A ‘best of’ list you can actually trust

As you will if you ever search for a ‘best’ list, a best fridge, best console etc the resulting pages are normally full of affiliate links (these are links where the linker gets paid if the link clicker purchases). We are a specialist vaping company whose main concern is to get the best vapes into the hands of our customers. Our experts tested the disposables and we asked our customers to tell us what they think of each product. We don’t get paid to list products, we just feature what we and our customers think are the best. Our lists are regularly updated so that we always feature the latest and greatest products. If you think we missed one let us know in the comments below.

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