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Best Disposable E-Cigs To Buy in 2021

If you tried vaping way back in the day and found it didn’t work for you, there’s a few reasons those older kits might not have offered a satisfying experience. The original cig-a-likes were super small, usually the same size and shape as a conventional cigarette, but they just weren’t enough for most smokers. Their batteries were small, the vapour was weak, the nicotine wasn’t strong enough and they were generally a little bit lacking. The range of flavours was also super limited, generally speaking only offering you a menthol, a tobacco and a few fruit options.

These days, with so many years of research and development, single use vape kits have come a very long way. With improved battery life, they’ll comfortably last even a heavy vaper a whole day (giving you around the same number of puffs as a 20 pack of cigarettes would). They also have much better coils inside them, giving you a better flavour payoff but also that solid amount of vapour to replicate the sensation of smoking. The e-liquid itself also had a facelift and aside from coming in a huge range of flavours, also comes in a much higher strength to alleviate cravings even faster. Salt nics are more often than not the usual e-liquid of choice for disposable vape kits, which are absorbed by your body more rapidly and can also be vaped at a higher strength without ending up tasting (or feeling) too harsh to inhale.

They’ve become so popular amongst newer vapers, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to these punchy and easy to use kits. So, we’ve rounded up our top five disposable kits for you to help you decide which one (or ones!) you want to give a go.

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