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Asylum Friday the 13th 2021 Begins Shipping

The 2021 version of the Asylum Friday the 13th has begun shipping to stores.

This version is made to coincide with this Friday, which is Aug. 13. It’s a follow-up to a November 2020 version—when there was also a Friday following on the 13th—and the Asylum Martes 13, which was made to coincide with the Latin American version of the superstition.

Unfortunately, there’s not much known about the cigars as Asylum doesn’t release any information about the blend.

There are three sizes, each limited to 700 packs per vitola:

  • Asylum Friday The 13th 2021 46×6 (6 x 46) — $6.50 (Packs of 5, $32.50)
  • Asylum Friday The 13th 2021 Figurado (5 1/4 x 46) — $7 (Packs of 5, $35)
  • Asylum Friday The 13th 2021 50×5 (5 x 50) — $7.50 (Packs of 5, $37.50

Asylum plans a release for each Friday the 13th, the next time that occurs is May 13, 2022.

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