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Ask An Ex: Inspiring Veteran Mike Miller Shares How He Quit Smoking after 50+ Years with the CBQ Method + Helpful Tips You Can Use

Welcome to episode #10 of Ask an Ex. 

In this interview, our inspiring and talented member Mike shares his story of how he quit smoking after 50+ years in January 2020. 

Mike, a husband, father, grandfather, veteran, social worker, and artist, to name a few things about him, had been smoking since 12 years old. 

And he shares how he quit smoking after 50+ years: his mindset along the way, the ups and downs of his journey, and tips every smoker can benefit from. 

As we discussed in the video, Mike started painting when he retired and ended up replacing smoking with painting. You can see more of his beautiful art here:

Tune in to watch: 

  • What motivated him to stop smoking 
  • What to do if your significant other or friends smoke
  • How he cut down to 3 cigarettes a day (from 20-30/day) and what made him take the leap and go down to 0. 
  • His advice to every smoker and ex-smoker who may be struggling. 

Thank you Mike!

About Ask An Ex

ASK AN EX is a new interview series. Each interview features an inspiring ex-smoker who succeeded with the CBQ Method™

And they tell you everything – how they did it, what helped them, what challenged them, their fears, motivations and aspirations. 

Because the best person to ask about quitting smoking, is an Ex who’s been exactly where you are right now. 

Every EX shares their unique perspective and wisdom on quitting smoking (because everyone has a unique mix of background, mindset, and experiences). 

And they do it for 1 reason: to help YOU become an EX too. 

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