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Are vapes safe to use? | Vaping Underground Forums

Hi everybody,
Young people are now using vaping instead of cigarettes. I see teenagers using it a lot. I don’t know if it is food enough for people to use it instead of traditional cigarettes? Can anyone give me your opinion on this matter?
Thank you very much.

Hello Karen,

It is illegal to sell vape materials to teenagers, but risk taking teens will engage in risky behavior. Some of them also get their hands on alcohol, drive too fast, use illegal drugs and other substances, shoplift, and shag their “going steady” dates.

Children are still developing physically and emotionally, so none of that is safe for them, but if you want to take things away from adults to keep them out of the hands of kids, first go pester the alcohol brewers, the auto makers, the tobacco companies and the drug makers and importers. Get sex outlawed. Fast food too. Get skateboarding outlawed because teens can hurt themselves. Get candy off the shelves because it causes tooth decay.

Change your little world, troll.


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