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Are there any vape flavors that are best for quitting smoking? | Vaping Underground Forums

You’ve started to quit smoking. Is there any flavor that is particularly suitable for quitting smoking?

Hard question. So many I knew went straight from cigs to sweet flavours.
I couldnt stand sweet flavours and went for cig substitutes. Made my own trying to replicate cigs. Few were very near close. But soon it sickened me and I changed to non cig tastes like berry and other fruits. At the start of going off of cig types like custard type things. Now I cant stand those.
Maybe one could try like I did and go for more cig type ones. Its the most logical.
Then drift away from them. I tried one of my cig ones I absolutely loved in the early days a few months ago for old times sake. I got through about 1 ml before ditching it. :giggle:
Probably try some more cig tobac types to start. There are a lot that claim it but are very far from being a cig taste, some laughable. What cig tastes like a peanut or vanilla custard? :giggle: Thats why I made my own within a month of starting to vape. I did make a few that were pretty on point. Some I added spirit flavours like youd get in roll tobac like rum or bourbon or brandy.
But now they would taste like licking an ashtray.
Good luck quiting though and on your vape journey in doing so. 👍


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