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Anyone have a template for recipe records? | Vaping Underground Forums

Index cards!!!! That’s the best idea ever!

I am actually quite old school myself (husband…even more so). I always get sad thinking about how the world (including myself at times) no longer knows how to write in cursive (actually removing it from school curriculum), knowing how to spell, knowing that “I” and sentences always start in capital letters, knowing how to draft a letter or even how to use a dictionary. I am jumping on my soapbox and that’s never a good thing. Ha!

I love the index cards idea…it’s just perfect for me! Truly, Thank you…you seem to always be such a huge help to others here!!

P.S. How do people read on kindles/nooks? My kids think we’re crazy but, yes, we use the words “old school” quite often too. Have a great night!

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