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First off… I want to say I loved this forum. Never had an issue with any person, on any thread, at any time…
until I got sucked into the vortex of the “random DIY and more” thread. It was very exciting to talk about DIY mixing and was very active on this thread. Then I realized, this was really just a “chat” room for the regulars, and it was really just a “clique” of certain people and if you didn’t “fit in”, they would totally attack you. I actually did fit in for awhile, then I made the fatal mistake of talking about my personal life (huge mistake) There were a few times I was drinking and they realized they could “mess with me” (on a personal level) and I said a few things I should not have (I am not proud of that… I fell for the trap) It became a game and I should have known better.
I actually liked “classwife” and feel she liked me (had a few PMs) so don’t blame her. Should I just name a few names?
Skeebo and SMT(show me twice) were the ones that kept fucking with me (hey we are all adults here) I was a hero on ECF… always helped newbies and went out of my way to help resolve issues. Anyway… happy to be here (this is my new home)
Peace out, vape on!


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