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A couple Geekvape Athena tips | Vaping Underground Forums

Not selling or affiliated only presenting a link to a description of a product here. Follow the link to get an idea of what mod I’m discussing in this post. I’m posting a few tips here because of some issues with batteries and apparent battery life regarding these mods.

@nadalama pointed out to me these mods were in her words “battery killers”. I did a little studying on it for myself and found out that the contact / fire bar for the mod is silver. This means the bar is quicker prone to corrosion and does make a gunky green mess which needs cleaned out as soon as possible.

That’s tip number one. Be sure you keep a decent cleaning cycle setup for maintaining these mods. You’ll need to watch out for the corrosion & be mindful of it. I would figure it will be the same for any mod what uses silver contacts & so not “picking” on this particular mod. It merely was the first I come to facing the issue.

I also found out that these mods do in fact “draw juice” off the batteries simply by setting. They do not actively vape. You will not notice the drawing of power off the batteries, until you pick one up and try firing. If you’ve let the mod stand for a few days with a battery in you may not get it to fire, it will be discharged.

Tip number two is if you’re setting the mod aside for more than a day take the battery out. As to why these seem to draw current, not sure. Not faced this issue with any other mods. In fact I just picked up a Coppervape that’s had a battery standing in it as long as the two Athena mods. It fired right off. The two Athena mods both needed recharged batteries.

So a couple of tips for those using these mods. Hope it helps.


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