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◙ Li’l PINCH (←thang) ◙ pdib (←maker) ◙ not sayin’ (←just sayin’) ◙ shuh-ZAM! (←hyperbole)

So, I did a little re-designing on the “classic” OliveRdibiSumpin’ (rather, perhaps, designed a new mod, actually . . .. I guess I’d have to say). With a new mod, a new thread, no?

Sure, why not? [​IMG]

The first batch of Li’l Pinch BF Mechs is in flight, as we speak, and will land in their respective new homes tomorrow. I’ve been running the prototype for a couple months now, and am thoroughly impressed! (why wouldn’t I be? :?: I mean, does a mother not love her own children? . . . c’mon, yep.) Maybe we’ll hear from the folks receiving mods tomorrow, and maybe they’ll have some nice things to say. (maybe not; but I’m all fingers crossed and hopeful.) Coupl’a two people came by the shop and picked up their mods in person; and I’ve heard some good stuff from them already (which is what’s giving me all that hope).

Nothin’ to do but sit back and wait for it I guess.

. . . . . . :|


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